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Trying to Be a Good Person Leads to Ego-Embattlement by Joe Blow

The downside of trying to be a good person is that it makes us self-conscious – it focuses our attention on our ego and causes us to filter our response to the world around us through our perception of our … Continue reading

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Queens of the Stone Age by Aussiescribbler

O.K. Before we start, lets just get something straight. You’ve come to expect from my stories a certain standard of realism. So when I start talking about a world where humans coexisted with dinosaurs, I can see that you are … Continue reading

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We Are The Saviours Who Failed by Joe Blow

I’m always looking for the simplest way to explain our psychological disturbances and social conflicts. In our early years we are focused on learning. We absorb a massive amount of information and integrate it into a framework from which we … Continue reading

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Tired Girl by Aussiescribbler

Tired girl, you give me a weary smile, speak my name with a husky voice All pretence is beyond you, but about your loveliness you have no choice Worker, student, mother – there are so many things to be But … Continue reading

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Comparing Ourselves With Others by Joe Blow

It’s crazy to assess our worth by how others respond to us or what they say about us. In fact assessing our worth is crazy all together. But we all tend to do it. We make comparisons without taking into … Continue reading

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Riot Girl by Aussiescribbler

Illustration by Nejron “Fuck the IMF!” screamed a female voice and almost simultaneously a flaming Molotov cocktail crashed into my riot shield, exploding into a multitude of fragments. Gunther, my trusty partner, whipped out his fire extinguisher and hosed down … Continue reading

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The Oasis : A Parable by Joe Blow

There was once a people who lived happily at an oasis in the desert. There was plenty of food and water and the people were full of love for each other. But one day a curse fell upon this tribe. … Continue reading

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