Comparing Ourselves With Others by Joe Blow


Photo : Kyiv, Ukraine – October 08/2016. Outdoor CrossFit training, preparation for competition “Race Nation.” Autumn. The girl brings a log on her shoulder, performing strength exercises. Photographer : Valentyn Kaganovych

It’s crazy to assess our worth by how others respond to us or what they say about us. In fact assessing our worth is crazy all together. But we all tend to do it.

We make comparisons without taking into account all the factors. A friend of mine was talking about bullying as the strong picking on the weak, and I asked him “What do you mean by strong? What do you mean by weak?”

If someone treats someone else badly it is often an expression of their own weakness, their own insecurity. And my friend might have thought of himself as “the weak” because he was vulnerable. But he is burdened with mental illness. Imagine two people attempting to run in a race. You might assume the one who won the race was the stronger, but what if the other was carrying a bag of concrete on her back? She didn’t get far in the race, but she had a go. To my mind that makes her damn strong, heroic even.

And that’s why it is crazy to compare ourselves with others on the basis of how our lives are going and how their lives are going.

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I'm a 55 year old movie fanatic and writer of humorous erotica.
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5 Responses to Comparing Ourselves With Others by Joe Blow

  1. Its all a mish mash of cultural, conceptual, subjective relativity.

  2. Natalie says:

    Really good points…we rarely acknowledge the bags of concrete we’re carrying.

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