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Is Objective Truth Possible by Joe Blow

Surely we are all in denial about something. That’s why our social world is so divisive. Partial truths warring against partial truths. If only some deity would come along and force us to see where we are full of shit. … Continue reading

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YouTube Video : Female Physical Beauty by Joe Blow

This is my first proper YouTube video, an experiment in finding a new way to express myself. There is an appeal to consuming information and ideas in colourful bite-sized chunks on YouTube. It runs for about 9 1/2 minutes and … Continue reading

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Celebrity Taste Buddies by Aussiescribbler

You know how it is in dreams. How you aren’t always yourself. Well, last night I was Gordon Ramsay. I was about to give the Kitchen Nightmares treatment to a lady chef. I already had my shirt off as I strode into … Continue reading

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The Painter or The Painting by Joe Blow

I was arguing recently against the concept of free will and the expression came to my mind that we are the painting not the painter. In other words, what we are is the product of circumstances. In thinking about this … Continue reading

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The Day of Judgement by Joe Blow

Judgement Day arrived But God did not appear We took his place Shining the light on others sins For fear our own would be uncovered We didn’t see the Gates of Paradise As we pointed our fingers at each other … Continue reading

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