Falling Into the Cougar Cage by Aussiescribbler

Photo by actionsports

Barney was eighteen years old and he was very unlucky. Apart from having to share his name with a really annoying purple dinosaur, he was a virgin. This might not have been a problem if he wasn’t horny. But he was horny all the time. He had only to see a girl’s round ass encased in a tight pair of jeans or firm young breasts bouncing bra-less beneath a t-shirt and his cock became rock hard. This made him very self-conscious. But he kept looking. And he longed to see more than just clothed girls on the streets. Of course he looked at magazines full of naked women. He could jack off to them all day. But he longed to see naked girls in the flesh. That is why he came up with his grand plan.

He might have been timid when it came to women, but he was a bit of a daredevil in other ways. He loved to go rock-climbing and he loved to hang-glide. A few miles from where he lived there was a nude beach over which towered a massive limestone cliff. He decided to hang-glide off of the cliff and glide over the beach so that he could get a bird’s eye view of all those naked girls.

From the top of the cliff all of those girls looked like little white or brown ants. In fact he couldn’t tell which of the little figures were men and which were women. But he grabbed onto the big kite and walked to the end of the precipice. He took a deep breath, and then he hurled himself forward out into the sunny afternoon sky. While it was a very hot day, thus ensuring that the beach was packed, it was a little windier than usual. Barney had to use all of his strength to guide himself in the right direction. He glided out over the sea and then circled back so that he could fly over the beach at a lower altitude.

Once he was gliding above the beach itself he found that its occupants were a very mixed bunch. There were a lot of fat old men whose leathery brown bellies hid their genitals just as well as clothes would have. And their were old women whose withered breasts hung almost to their knees. But there were also plenty of girls around his own age, of varying degrees of attractiveness it was true, but when he saw the gorgeous ones, with their firm bouncing breasts, jiggling bottoms and their bald or hairy pussies shamelessly displayed, it was all worth it. The feel of his dick sliding across the soft cloth of his briefs inside his denim shorts as it swelled and stiffened was almost enough to make him cum in his pants. Some of the girls even looked up and waved, just inviting him to feast his eyes on their delicious nakedness. This had definitely been a good idea.

But when a girl with a particularly lovely bottom bent down to pick something up so that her bum was presented directly towards him with just a hint of furry pussy peaking out, he forgot that he needed to start pulling up if he were to avoid crashing into the beach. At the last moment he pulled up sharply, but a freak wind lifted him and propelled him far over the local neighbourhood. At some point he was going to have to land, but where? Now he was above a patchwork of backyards and their accompanying houses.

There was a very large swimming pool. Now was his chance. He let go of the handle of his glider and fell into the water. The glider was whipped up by the wind, turned over and then landed on the roof of the house.

“It looks like someone has dropped in for a visit?” said one of three attractive women in their forties who chose this moment to walk out of the house and into the backyard with long drinks in their hands. All three were wearing brightly-coloured bikinis which showed off their tanned bellies and generous boobs.

“I’m sorry,” Barney spluttered as he dragged himself from the water. “I lost control.”

“We all know what that’s like,” chuckled the woman, a redhead in a hot pink bikini.

“You really must get out of those wet clothes,” suggested a blonde wearing tropical print bathers.

“I’m Rebecca,” put in a brunette in black, holding out her hand. Barney looked bewildered. He didn’t take her hand, and he didn’t take off his wet clothes.

“Brandi is my name,” announced the redhead, “and randy is my nature.”

“This is my home,” the blonde informed him, “and my name is Sue.”

“You look ridiculous standing there all wet and bedraggled like a half-drowned kitten,” declared Brandi. “You’re among friends. Take off the shorts and t-shirt. You can leave on your underpants if you are feeling shy.”

“Awww, does he have to?” asked Rebecca with a wink.

Reluctantly Barney pulled his t-shirt off of his well-formed six pack and unzipped and pulled off his shorts. He was very much aware of the fact that his wet black hipsters did nothing to hide the shape of his currently flaccid cock.

“I’ll go get you a drink,” said Sue. “And I won’t even ask to see your I.D.”

“Well, we can see everything else,” smiled Brandi, looking very directly at the front of Barney’s underpants.

Sue came back with a tall glass filled with an orange coloured drink. It had a lemon slice and a paper umbrella. Barney sipped it and realised that it was very strong.

While Barney was distracted by tasting his drink, Brandi came up behind him and yanked down his underpants. He went bright red and quickly covered his dick with his free hand.

“He’s so shy,” Brandi chuckled, while groping his bare ass.

“I’d almost think he was a virgin,” Rebecca told her, “if I didn’t know that they were an extinct species.”

“I’m not a virgin,” Barney replied. “I’ve banged lots of chicks.”

“You like sex, do you?” asked Sue, sidling up beside him and stroking his face.

“I love it!” he declared proudly.

At this point the three women simultaneously reached behind them, unclipped their bikini tops and shrugged them off. Their big soft boobs hung low, the previously unexposed areas pale compared to the tan elsewhere. Then they hooked their fingers into their bikini bottoms and pulled them down their legs. Rebecca and Sue had their pussies shaved bare, while Brandi sported a well trimmed area of flaming pubes.

“If you love sex so much,” purred Sue, “you’ll be absolutely crazy about having a foursome with a trio of sex-crazed cougars.”

“That’s disgusting!” cried Barney. “You’re old! You’re even older than my mother.”

“So you don’t like older women, hey?” queried Sue, while gently nibbling on his earlobe and rubbing her bare pussy against his hip.

“No,” Barney replied.

“You’re dick’s telling us otherwise,” said Rebecca in a sing song voice as she pulled his hand away from his cock to reveal that it was now standing fully erect.

“Traitor!” cried Barney to his erection. He put down his drink and gave his cock a hard slap. “Ouch! Fuck!” he screamed, hopping up and down.

“I’m afraid we can’t let you do that sort of thing to your cock,” Sue informed him. She pulled his hands behind his back. Brandi brought over her bikini top and together they used it to tie Barney’s hands together.

“We’re members of the SPCP,” she informed him. “The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Penises.”

“Yes,” added Rebecca, “you’d be surprised at the number of penis owners who mistreat what should be their best friend. They squeeze their penis into extra tight pants. And with so many guys, if we don’t keep an eye on them, they start beating their meat.”

“And it isn’t just what they do to them,” Brandi explained. “Oh, no, no, no… Deprivation is a big problem to. If we left you to your own devices you would deprive your cock of the joys we want to bestow upon it. That, my little virgin friend, would be cruelty.”

“I told you, I’m not a virgin,” Barney insisted.

“Cougar’s know how to trust their instincts,” Brandi told him. “If you weren’t a virgin our mouths would not be watering as much as they are at the thought of sucking your cock.”

“The first time you have your cock sucked, you want to have it done by an expert,” Rebecca informed him. He looked over at her and found that she was sliding two of her fingers in and out of her cunt which was dripping its juices all down her legs.

“How do we decide who goes first?” asked Sue.

“It’s your home,” said Brandi, reasonably. “You go first, then Rebecca and then me.”

“She wants to make sure she’s the one who gets a mouthful of spunk,” laughed Rebecca.

Sue crouched down between Barney’s legs and sucked on his balls, then she licked up the underside of his shaft which was leaking pre-cum onto his belly from its head. She licked up some of the slippery liquid and then slipped her lips over the head of his cock and swallowed it down her throat. The other two were watching closely while squatting down on either side and enthusiastically fingering themselves.

The other two took turns in sucking his cock.

“Oh, God!” he exclaimed as he filled Brandi’s warm wet mouth with jets of creamy jism. She pulled her mouth off of his softening cock and then opened it up wide so that he could see her tongue all covered in his love juices.

“If you promise not to run away or do violence to your penis, I’ll untie you,” Sue informed him.

“O.K.,” Barney replied. “I really don’t want to run away now. This feels wrong, but in a good way.”

So Sue untied him and they sat around chatting and sipping their drinks. Each of the women had her legs spread and was playing with herself as they socialised. Occasionally one would have to pause in her conversation to let out a moan of orgasm.

“You really don’t want to squeeze a large cock like yours into a young woman’s very tight vagina,” Rebecca lectured him. “What he wants is to be stroked by the tender caress of an older pussy which is juicier and less constricting.”

And indeed, by the end of the afternoon he had not only fucked all of their wet and tender pussies, but also Brandi’s tight butt-hole. (Which just goes to show that the ladies were somewhat hypocritical in their views on putting cocks in tight places.)

“Take this,” Sue told him, after he had dressed and gathered up the remains of his hang glider. She handed him a little black book.

“What’s this?” he wanted to know.

“It has our phone numbers and addresses and also those of all the other 108 members of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Penises,” she explained. “If, at any time, you feel that you might be in danger of mistreating your penis, ring one of these numbers and help will shortly be at hand.”

The End

About aussiescribbler

I'm a 55 year old movie fanatic and writer of humorous erotica.
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