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Being Born Again by Joe Blow

The psychological wounds we acquire in the early part of our life have a tendency to impose a restrictive conceptual framework on our way of experiencing the world. We draw from our experiences a story in which the world is … Continue reading

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Self-Control Is a Good Thing, Right? by Joe Blow

Self-control is a good thing, right? It’s what we should aim for. Or is it? There is no doubt that impulsive behaviour can cause major problems. But where do we really find the control impulse? If we feel angry and … Continue reading

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Is Reality Real by Joe Blow

A philosopher walks into a cinema that is showing a very old soft porn movie. “This is not reality!” he shouts, pointing at the screen. Then he casts his fiery glance around the audience with their eyes fixed on the … Continue reading

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Our Future Requires Psychological Security by Joe Blow

Healing our state of psychological insecurity by cultivating unconditional self-acceptance is crucial to our survival.  One of the strategies for dealing with the stress of being in a state of insecurity is to criticise others. It distracts attention away from … Continue reading

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The Oasis : A Parable by Joe Blow

There was once a people who lived happily at an oasis in the desert. There was plenty of food and water and the people were full of love for each other. But one day a curse fell upon this tribe. … Continue reading

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Blue : Fuck Me Friday

It’s another Fuck Me Friday. Here is how hostess Aisling Weaver describes it : Welcome to another week of smut! Writing challenges can be found far and wide, and this one has just one goal – to inspire you to … Continue reading

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Life, The Universe & Chocolate Bunnies

Although the most important holiday for the Christian religion, celebrating its central figure’s alleged return from the grave, Easter derives its name from a pagan goddess named Éostre. The concept of a new beginning and life’s triumph over death are … Continue reading

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Tide : Wank Wednesday

Wank Wednesday is an erotic writing challenge started by Ruby Kiddell at the Erotic Notebook Blog. Here is how she explains it : Welcome to Wank Wednesday, your weekly festival of smut. With so many great writers of smut and erotica … Continue reading

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Lusting While Dusting

Here is a little story I wrote that was inspired by reading Kendall Swan’s ebook Naked Housecleaning. LUSTING WHILE DUSTING I’d been working for Clobber-Free Cleaners for only two weeks when I met up with Dora. Most of the women … Continue reading

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